Saturday, March 26, 2011

Above Top Secret

As I discussed on other Vlogs regarding Egyptian king Amun Ra and how similar his life was to Jesus, it comes as a shock to many that this information was steadily available to anyone and everyone in the free world. Click on Amun Ra to learn more about him. Once you know Ra, you'll know Christ.

The moon alien base is another shocker that most people were never aware of. During the first landing of Apollo 11, they not only discovered a spaceship was following them from earth to the moon, but, when they landed on the Sea of Tranquility sight, they saw glass pyramids taller than Empire State Building, ruined military bunkers, spaceships and underground basements. How do you think they discovered wireless technology, fiber optics, cell phones and yes, MS Windows? You also want to ask yourself, what was inside those moon basements, and pyramids?

What is the term Lunar base stands for? It actually stands for "Luna", which is the name of the actual "Alien race", who do not want us anywhere near the darkside of the moon. This is why we put more work upon ourselves, and built a floating space station. And why is it that we only see one side of the moon, even though the 'lame' scientific theory doesn't have any merit to its evidence regarding moon phases? Now, was this base built by Anunnaki?

Germans, in Hitler's era, knew a lot more than you know, just learn about Project Orion.

The phrase, "2012 dooms day prophesy " should be taken out of the dictionary. What will happen on Dec 21st 2012? You will wake, go to work, hear some news on the date itself, and after a week, nothing. However, what if the governments took advantage of 2012? What then?

I discovered these secrets like any other passionate child of this planet through Kundalini Meditation, which takes you on to the 4th dimension, and reveals to you a small portion of the truth. This method of meditation has been kept a secret for long time. You may find lots of videos on youtube about it, but the true invoking of the 4th dimension happens only by sacred words, which I can not tell you, only a true master can. Those words start out with "Klein----," that's all I will say. Here is the video of the sounds I experienced during Kunalini.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspiration of writing KYRIUX- THE NOVEL

It’s very common for authentic writers to come up with ideas for their subject from the most unorthodox situations. I, too, am a part of that sorority of strangers. My inspiration of writing the book came from just one word, which appeared in an undisclosed magazine.

It was evening, around 5:30 pm. I was visiting my uncle’s house back in 2000 when the stock market was just about to crash. Usually, I had many conversations with him about Universe, Life, spirituality and technology. With both of us being Scorpios, we went into depth of things on every subject. During that era I picked up a (unknown) magazine from his table and started browsing. There, I saw the “message” written clearly for me. The mysterious word was speaking to me; within a matter of few seconds the entire story flashed in front of my eyes. Suddenly, my brain grew more cells and my unused muscles were awakened. I had an urge to write a novel with this unique word, at the same time the History Channel was on. There, the subject was presented on great mathematicians of the world.

I wasn’t paying attention to the tube at that particular time; rather I was immensely drowned in my thoughts of this word. I wanted to write something, anything from this word. I didn’t even pay attention, or was interested in talking to my uncle about any subject. There, while fully concentrating and putting my focus on the story; the name Pascal was mentioned on the television. It must have been the way Universe felt when the big bang occurred. I had everything in front of me. From start to finish about my novel; the first thought that came to my head was the title. No sooner than I said that to myself, I had the entire story in my head. It was that simple, out of nowhere everything exploded in my head. I didn’t say a word that day and ran to my car, and went back home.

It was no secret that I went straight to the computer and put the title: The Message of Pascal in bold letter at size 24 in MS- word. I wrote the first 24 pages right-there-&-then; but, halted myself, and the pace slowed down of my writing, to a point where I didn’t touch the novel for couple of years, actually more than 5 years. It was one of those short passion shocks, which you must fulfill and let it be.

In 2006 I went to watch a very touching and motivating documentary title “Tupac Resurrection,” it was a biography of hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur. While in the middle of watching it, I realized I couldn’t waste time, if I have a talent and a skill I should not sit and waste them; because this was the message given by Mr. Shakur in the doc. He never wasted time, even when in jail he wrote poems, lyrics to his music, including movie scripts.
I’ve been a big fan of his music, lyrics and poetry since high school. He wasn’t just a rapper but a philosopher for million others and me. Once I came out of the theater I again ran to my car, hopped in and rushed home. Once in my room I began the process of finishing up my novel; from that moment on I kept writing and ended up finishing it in three months.

Thank you Mr. Tupac Shakur… is what I said after I typed the last word of the first draft.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The 4th level of humans and their Universe: Dr. Michio Kaku theories.

A while back I watched a video by Dr. Michio Kaku, a world-renowned physicist talking about time travel and making contact with aliens in the coming century. He described us as being the ants of this Universe, and the humans who are really living out there, will not pay any attention to us, or try to even make contact with us, because if we're the ants of this Universe; why would they bother talking to us. If you think about it, when have we try to send a radio signal to ants to make communication with them; we just know how to step on them. These aliens are so advance, that their communication methods and technology is beyond are Level 1 brainpower at this point in time. That was a brilliant theory by him. And, after watching the video, I realized how similar his theories are to mine, which I describe in my trilogy novel "KYIRUX: The Message of Pascal." Dr. Michio also talked about 3 different levels of humans.

Level O- where we are currently standing, per Dr. Michio Kaku.

Level I- who survive on the resources of the star called "SUN". (Solar energy)

Level II- who are able to control weather and climate on their planet, and create resources without consuming the planet and its resources.

Level III- Are the gypsies of this Universe, who don't care whether the star dies or not, or if the planet survives or not. They will know how to keep themselves alive through their Level III technology.

Now, I want to take his content to the next level. I believe there is another level to humans, level IV; which I describe in my trilogy "KYIRUX: The Message of Pascal." The Level IV humans are nothing like the other three. The level IV humans don't care about the survival necessities or even traveling to far off galaxies or star system to find a new home. These species don't even care about living in another dimension, they simply "ARE". I know its hard to fathom what is simply "Are?" I go into much more details about them in the 3rd part of my trilogy 'THE WHITE GATES". But, I will share some viewpoints here from that Novel.

Level IV humans simply realized what this Universe is, and have exiled themselves to build their own Universe. They've been here before the BIG BANG, which occurs every 100,000,000,000,000, 000 years according to my book and according to LEVEL 4 humans. They reside so far away from this actual Universe, that even light won't get to them for the next goggle trillion years. They simply know everything, from God, to the original creation of this Universe. Now, the question is; are they God? or simply one of many mysterious doors of this Universe.

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